Month: November 2016

99.999th Percentile (1 person in 1,000)

ISPE (International Society for Philosophical Enquiry) – Recommended for “high achievement” individuals. Also, I am told that their journal, Telicom, is outstanding. Founded in 1974, the ISPE (originally known as “The Thousand” since the 99.9th percentile is the one-in-a-thousand level) is the 3rd oldest functioning high IQ society. People who join the ISPE enter as “Associate Members” and “qualify for advancement to Member upon demonstrating commitment to the Society’s goals via personal achievement and contributions to society”. There are several other ranks one can advance to beyond Member. This is very different from Mensa (Mensa means “table” in Latin, suggesting a round...

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99.9999th Percentile (1 person in 1,000,000)

Mega Society – Recommended for its free online journal, with issues dating back into 1989; non-members can view the issues, as there is no password-protected login, and Mega’s Editor announces the publication of new issues to some non-Mega groups. The Mega Society was founded by Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin in 1982. Members of Mega have created and maintain the Adaptive IQ Test, which may be used for admissions purposes in the future. Omega Society – The Omega Society exists for the recognition and encouragement of individuals of extremely high intelligence. It was founded in 2005 by Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D. Membership is now entirely free. The journal Termite is...

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