1- Be mindful of what you put into your system A mindful eating is simply being a presence where you feel every bite, instead of eating in front of your laptop while you watching the walking dead. it’s a simple effective technique that will turn your life upside down if it is done correctly. Mindfulness will bring you closer to the feeling of how much hungry you are, that will lead to less eating for sure.
2- Take the orange to a whole new level by smelling it up like a drug for a natural mood enhancer. did you know that orange have an essential oil that naturally boosts your mood, yep I swear to god I read this up in a published study that proves this point? a quick hack is to buy some bottled orange oils and massage your temple with it, its life-changing.
3- do you want to sleep deeply and peacefully? use lavender oil this life-changing trick is awesome, few drop of lavender oil inside your pillowcase before bed will send you to la la land in no time.
4- Floss for better health Did you know that no matter how many times you clean your teeth, there is always hidden food between your teeth. the best way to super clean your mouth is with flossing as its important for the gum health. A study that been conducted recently shown that flossing can prevent heart disease, shocking right? we were shocked too.
5- Prolong your eye health with the 20/2020 Rule. did you know that staring at a backlit all day can damage your eyesight? The 20/20/20 rule reduce this to 60%. here is how easy it is Take a 20-second break from whatever electronic screen and let your eye wander over something six meters high in the distance.
6- Meditate for a deep purification for your mind. 10 minutes is all you need to reset your mind, sit and chill in a quiet place, breathe in and out, take a deep breath in and deep breath out and make sure to focus on that. if you are new to meditation, start with an app that can guide you though that meditation process, there is plenty of apps out there.
7- Stretch it out to the max you don’t have to be a dedicated master of yogi to do this, its pretty simple, a good stretch is a must for a healthy body.
8- walk for god sake did you know that walking is good for your heart, yes it is, besides being an easy hack to increase your daily step count and try to get a fresh air in the process by walking in green areas