The more an online business waits to build a mobile website, the further behind their competitors they’re likely to be, and the more rapidly they are going to need to play catch up. Smartphones and tablet devices are only becoming more popular and much more readily available.Although it’s not just the undeniable fact that an enormous number of Internet users these days access e-commerce sites from their cell phones each day. The ubiquity of the new breed of web-browsing is a reason by itself to build a mobile website, but there are many specific reasons to do it.

Searchability and convenience

Like every respectable internet based business, Google offers a mobile or portable edition. But it also provides something else which happens to be essential to online business and those wanting internet users to find them well before their competitors.

Google features a wholly separate index for mobile websites. As companies around the world hasten to adapt to the shift cellular browsing has brought on, this mobile index isn’t nearly as populated, or competitive, as the normal Google index.

So if a business chooses to build a mobile website, they will have a greater chance of marketing to potential clients and website visitors who make use of the mobile index.

Another primary factor is ease of use. Mobile websites are condensed, made simple and suitable for navigation on touch screens and small devices. This simply means online transactions are faster and easier to make, which ultimately means consumers can buy your products and services faster.


Malaysian businesses must stay up with these significant changes in the vast online industry. The ubiquity of the modern mobile device, along with the searchability and more efficient features mobile websites can provide online businesses, means you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t build a mobile website.

The mobile internet has long since taken off, yet it is still expanding at a phenomenal pace. It’s the right time to build a mobile website that takes advantage of this brave new online world and helps make your internet business more visible and accessible to viewers and visitors everywhere.